All The Tools You'll Ever Need To Successfully Manage Your Product Development Strategies, Production, & Commercial Garment Manufacturing. 

Most of us don't learn how to make commercial garments or to work with factories; we sink or swim and wack-a-mole our production problems until they go away, but never really solve them. Until you learn how to solve these problems, the clothes you make and the way you make them will experience problems. Resulting in loss of sales, customer returns, and quality issues. 

I show organizations, emerging fashion designers, brand owners, and new fashion professionals how to solve their PD and production problems, saving them time and money. 

Enroll in Nic Hyl Fashion University today and I'll show you the methods, tools, and frameworks the pros use! 

Say yes to managing your product development, production and garment manufacturing processes like a pro! 

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Take Control Of Your Fashion Production, ASAP! 

When I first graduated from design school and started working in New York City's fashion industry, I didn't know a thing about product development, production or commercial garment manufacturing. I learned 10 years worth of info from some of the best and brightest in the biz...and I'm sharing ALL of my tips with you in this easy to understand, and actionable course. 

Learn My Production Secrets Now!

Imagine This....

  • Having your product consistently ship on time.
  • Being confident with and knowing how to adjust your timeline without effecting your delivery.
  • Knowing how to control and negotiate your costs.
  • Not wasting precious resources on costly mistakes.
  • Breezing through your production process because you know what you're doing
  • Knowing how to communicate to all of your cross functional teams to get your objectives completed with ease. 
  • Templates that help you to organize it all. 


Hi! I'm Nic Hyl-Your New Production Bestie

Ten years ago I sold everything I had and moved to New York City with $300 and 5 suitcases for a job I had just accepted sight unseen over the phone 2 weeks earlier from Norma Kamali herself. This job HAD to workout. But I struggled a lot at first. You see, production is a beast all it's own and I hadn't previously worked in that area; My design degree had not prepared me for the apprenticeship that was heavily rooted in production. 

With everything riding on this opportunity and having no back up plan or money I was determined to make it work. I shut my mouth, opened my ears and learned everything I could about my new role in domestic production from Norma; and I got really great at it. I remember one of the vendors in the garment district once told me, "a year at Norma Kamali is like 10 years anywhere else." No truer words had ever been said. 

After just over a year, Norma had to let some staff go and I was one of them. About 3 months later, I got hired for a job at Ralph Lauren working in Global Product Development and Garment Manufacturing; I had officially entered the big league. Even though I had learned so much from Norma, international production is a different beast and I had no clue what I was really doing. So I had to learn on the job...again. Using the same strategy of closing my mouth, opening my ears and absorbing everything around me from some of the best and brightest in the business

Once I left RL and started my own brand, Nic Hyl, I had no problem with developing and producing beautiful quality product. I was so great at it that people I didn't even know would reach out to me asking for advice and tips on how to do the same with their product. 

I finally created this course to share all of my knowledge, advice and tips to help anyone struggling (like I was in the beginning), so you can master your product development, production, factory relationships, teams and everything that goes into creating the product of your dreams. 

I Need Help With My PD & Production.

You'll Get....

  • Increased retail value for your products. 
  • Beautiful products that are well made
  • Hours of your time back from knowing what you're doing. 
  • Expert understanding of the production process from start to finish
  • Access to the private FB group
  • Weekly group calls
  • FREE Templates to get you started with your processes
  • TONS more! 
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....Plus You'll Have

  • A community behind you to give you continued support. 
  • The know how to develop your finished goods consistently
  • Hours of information so you finally have the confidence to solve your product development & production problems on your own. 
  • FREE Vendor List...with new vendors being added regularly
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...Wait There's More! 

  • Optional 30 min discovery call once your course is completed if you need additional help.
  • Consulting services if we're a great fit for working 1:1 with each other (I only pick one person/company per quarter for this). *
  • Zoom calls, webinars or speaking to your team!*
  • *these services include an additional fee. 
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...and don't waste another minute on trying to figure out what's going on with your production. 

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What Other Users Are Saying. 


Marc Sharma 

Founder/CEO of Nation Athletics

Nic Hyl Fashion University really helped to put things into perspective and allowed me to get a handle on production with my domestic and international factories. I'm so glad I found this course and can't express how much time, money and headache it's saved both me and my team. 

Naana Badu 

Founder/ CEO Badu Basics & What Is Your Accent 

"Fashion University just put all the puzzle pieces together in a simple, easy to understand way. I'd 100% recommend it to anyone struggling with production in their fashion business." 

Imani Starr

Fashion Industry Professional

"It's so funny, because. I felt EXACTLY the way that Nic felt when I first started my job. I'm so thankful that I came across these courses to help me make sense of it all. Now I'm confident in my role at my job, and completing my job functions is so much easier. Thanks Nic!"

Product Development Idea To Completed Sample

$1950 Dollar Value

Included In The NHFU Program

  • Learn how to MASTER your product development
  • Set your factory up for success
  • IMPROVE the quality of your finished garments 
  • SAVE THOUSANDS by delivering quality products and preventing returns from faulty products 

Production & Commercial Garment Manuf.

$1800 Dollar Value

Included In The NHFU Program

  • MASTER on time delivery
  • Learn how to CREATE your time and action calendar
  • FREE RESOURCES on what to do when things go wrong
  • Vocabulary to OWN THE LANGUAGE you need to properly communicate with your factory team 
  • FREE BONUS on garment sizing 

Creating Quality Product & Hiring Your Fashion Team

$1600 Dollar Value

Included In The NHFU Program

  • Learn what goes into quality product so you can consistently deliver it. 
  • Determine MSRP pricing strategies 
  • Bonus section on sizing
  • Finding and managing your fashion team
  • Plus TONS more to help you connect the dots! 

Fashion Templates & Vendor List

$300 Dollar Value

Included In The NHFU Program

  • Media Release Form General Contract Agreement 
  • Cost Sheet Template
  • Cutters Must Template
  • Cut ticket Template
  • Determining What Roles To Hire Check List 
  • Tech Pack Template
  • Statement Of Work Contract Agreement
  • Purchase Order Template
  • US Domestic Vendor Directory
  • International Vendor Directory (Currently only available with the NHFU program)
MASTER Your Production NOW!

You'll get all this plus more for only $3000.00, payable over 6 months. 

This course isn't for everyone...


Nic Hyl Fashion University isn't going to teach you how to sew, how to draw or how to make patterns, there are plenty of places to learn that information. But there aren't a lot of places to learn how to learn and solve product development, production and commercial garment manufacturing.  Nic Hyl Fashion University will show you is how navigate and understand the complicated world of product development and production through my Nic Hyl Fashion University Program. 


Learn What Took Me 10 Years In As Little As 30 Days

Because I went through what I did, you don't have to. Instead you can learn all of the information you need to get started on your journey at your own pace and targeted on the topics you need help with the most.  In many cases, my clients can complete the learnings in as little as 30 days.